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Sights of Environmental interest

The main attraction of Nissyros is its volcano which can be reached by public or private transport or, for the fit and active, by foot.

nisyros volcano

Springs :
Some 1.5 km from the capital of the island lie the Loutra Springs acknowledged for the properties of the sodium and sulphur rich waters with a maximum temperature of
48C. There are buildings providing accommodation, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy services to bathers. These spa springs lie next to the sea and can accommodate up to
65 people. They operate from June to October. Suitable for rheumatism and skin complaints.

Thermiani Spring lies next to the Chapel Panaghia Thermiani at the northern edge of the village. Thermiani Spring has been known since antiquity. The content of an
inscription which was found in the ruins of the main stoa of the Roman Baths, which once operated in the same area, supports the view that the father of medicine
Hippocrates had chosen this spring as a therapeutic centre. From 1895 to the beginning of the 1930s there was a therapeutic centre in operation in the area. Today the old
baths have been restored to a certain extent but are still not ready for proper opening. The spring temperature is 33C but is expected to increase by 8-10C if water is
pumped in.

Emborios: Just outside the village is a natural sauna.

Nikia: A third well known spring is that in Avlaki Bay. Before the village was abandoned water from the spring was used for bathing therapy. Hot water bubbles up in the sea
and the maximum temperature is 59C.

Caves :
Katsouni Caves lie 2 km east along the length of the beach bearing the same name.

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