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Nisyros map

map and Geography of Nisyros Greece

map of nisyros.

Nisyros is a volcanic island of Greece like Santorini, Nisyros island as we can see in the map of Greece is located south of Kos and north of Tilos. The oldest lavas of Nisyros can be found in the northwest of the island near the area of Mandraki. There are underwater basalt lavas caused by tectonic activity that they are now at the sea surface. It can only be assumed that the base of Nisyros under the sea is built from similar rocks. Nisyros consists of volcanic mountains, while the center of the island occupies a large crater with a diameter of 4 kilometers. Another smaller crater rises up to 700 meters high. Nisyros has also also many thermal springs.
The topography of the island has been affected by the volcano and the volcanic soil is very fertile and conducive to arboriculture and rich vegetation. It has an area of 41 square kilometers, an altitude of 698 metres and 30 kilometres of coastline. West and north of Nisyros are four islets called Nisyria
The smaller island Strongyli in the northeast of Nisyros is also purely volcanic and probably relatively young, the two small islands in the west and southwest, Perigousa and Pacheia are also of volcanic origin but heavily eroded and therefore probably relatively old.