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Places to go on Nisyros

Ancient monuments and places of archaeological interest

Mandraki: The Old Fortress (Paleokastro) with the ruins of the ancient city lies 4 km southwest. Sections of the fortified walls dating from the 4th century BC and the 
gateway structure have survived. They are strongly reminiscent of similar Mycenean structures.
The ancient cemetery with finds dating from the 7th and 6th centuries BC and a grave from the 5th century BC.

Fortresses :
Spiliani Fortress dominates the capital and is thought to have been built by the Knights of the Order of St. John (1315). The view from this location is unique.
The ruined Venetian Fortress at the highest point in the village.

Monasteries and Churches :
The Monastery of Panaghia Spiliani. This location was the oldest centre of worship on the island. Columns and Corinthian capitals have been found here. Inside the cave are the sanctuary and the Katholikon, the monastery's central church. The monastery stands on the same hill as Spiliani Fortress. It was built around 1400 AD. The church is a basilica with a charming iconostasis from the 18th century. There is a small library with Greek books and documents. Among the relics kept are ecclesiastical vessels, crosses, gospels, portable icons and a gold dove offered by pirates.

Churches in the town include Aghios Nikitas, its patron saint, Panaghia Potamitissa, Aghios Savvas, Aghios Nikolaos, the Holy Cross (Stavrou), Panormitis and the church 
jointly dedicated to Aghia Paraskevi and Aghios Athanasios.

The Evangelistria Monastery lies amid beautiful countryside 5km southeast. Note the unusual large tree outside the monastery.

Emborios: The churches of the Dormition of the Virgin (Kimiseos Theotokou) in the centre of the village and Archangel Michael in the fortress with its exceptional wall 
paintings are worthy of a visit.
The Monastery of the Virgin Our Lady (Panaghia Kyra also known as Pigi Kyra) lies 7.5 km southeast amid enchanting countryside. A guesthouse operates on the feast of the Virgin.

Nikia: The churches are those dedicated to the Virgin (Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple - Eisodia Theotokou), Aghios Theologos with its ornate bell tower just outside 
the village with a view of the volcano and Aghios Panteleimon in Avlaki.

Palli: The chapel of Panaghia Thermiani is built amid the ruins of Roman baths behind the Pantelidis Baths.

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